The world’s largest bottle of whiskey, called “The Intrepid,” sold for around $1.4 million.

The 5-foot-11-inch bottle was awarded the Guinness World Record in September 2021. It holds 82.16 US gallons, or 311 liters. That’s the equivalent of 444 standard bottles, enough for 5,287 whiskey sours made with 2 ounces of whiskey each.

The liqueur is a 1989 Macallan single malt that spent 32 years maturing in oak barrels at the Macallan Distillery in Scotland before being bottled in 2021. It is pale gold in color and has a sweet flavor with hints of apple, says the auction house.

It was sold Wednesday to an international collector, according to Lyon and Turnbull.

The Intrepid project was created as a collaboration between Fah Mai, a Thailand-based investment firm, and Rosewin Holdings, a London-based company that invests in whiskey and other spirits.

Project founder Daniel Monk was inspired by his father’s “passion for adventure and exploration,” the auction house says. The bottle label features 11 explorers, including Ranulph Fiennes and Robin Knox-Johnston.

The auction will support several charities, including Marie Curie and Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), says Lyon.

The huge bottle is not the most expensive container of whiskey ever sold. That honor goes to Macallan, 60, who sold for $1.53 million in 2018.

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