Orbital flight highly likely in November

SpaceX's massive Starship Mars rocket might enter orbit as early as next month.

SpaceX is preparing for the first orbital test flight of Starship, the massive rocket it is developing to transport freight and people to the moon.

"Perhaps late next month, but November looks more plausible." By then, we'll have two rockets and spacecraft ready for orbital flight.

Starship is made up of a massive first-stage booster named Super Heavy and a 165-foot-tall (50-meter) spacecraft called, redundantly, Starship.

If all goes as planned, the upcoming orbital flight test will be undertaken using prototypes known as Booster 7 and Ship 24.

SpaceX will continue to increase that number in future static fires, eventually lighting up all 33 Raptors on Booster 7.

That test flight will lift off from Starbase, propelling Ship 24 into orbit before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian islands.

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