NASA's crucial fuelingArtemi moon rocket

Today (September 21), NASA will undertake a critical fuelling test of its Artemis 1 moon rocket, which you can watch live.

Technicians are set to begin loading supercold liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants into Artemis 1's propulsion system.

Watch it live at, courtesy of NASA, or via the space agency's website.

The SLS will be used by Artemis 1 to propel an unmanned Orion capsule to and from lunar orbit.

The test flight was meant to take off late last month, but it was delayed twice due to technical difficulties.

The second was a liquid hydrogen leak that happened in the days leading up to a planned liftoff on September 3.

The Artemis 1 team repaired two seals around the leak, as well as a "quick disconnect" connecting the SLS core stage.

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