NASA astronaut for space-themed season

Jessica Meir appears as a guest star in a new episode of Fox tonight (September 21).This is a paragraph This is a paragraph This is a paragraph This is a paragraph 

The reality competition show in which teams of Lego fans compete to build their greatest brick-built constructions.

"Ready to Launch," the first new episode of the third season, returns to Fox on Wednesday (Sept. 21).

Will Arnett, the host, and Brickmasters (and Lego workers) Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard get things started with a space-themed task (opens in new tab).

"I want to get Season 3 off to a good start." Begin things off with a bang. You know, just launch yourself into this competition,

, truly strive for the stars, and I think you can see where I'm heading with this.

"We're going to the stars!" At the opening of the show, Arnett tells the 12 two-person teams.

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