James Webb Space Telescope really see

Webb will be used by scientists to see the beginning of the universe. How is this even possible?

On July 11, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) made history by releasing its first image: a jewel-filled image dubbed "the deepest photo ever."

Aside from gazing deeper into space than any previous observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope has another trick up its sleeve:

It can observe faraway stars and galaxies as they appeared 13.5 billion years ago, which is more than any other telescope.

What makes this possible? How does a machine "go back in time"? It's not magic; it's just the way light works.

"Telescopes can function as time machines. Looking out into space is like to looking back in time."

NASA scientists shared their findings on WebbTelescope.org (opens in new tab). "It sounds like magic.

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