InSight Mars lander waits out dust storm

NASA's InSight mission, which is set to conclude soon,

According to NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), the storm is approximately 2,175 miles in diameter.

The mission closely monitors the lander's power level, which has been steadily decreasing due to dust accumulation on its solar arrays. By Monday, October 3rd,

The storm had grown large enough and was spewing so much dust that the thickness of the dusty haze in the Martian atmosphere around InSight had increased by nearly 40%.

Every other Martian day, InSight's seismometer has been running for about 24 hours

 the decrease in solar power does not leave enough energy to fully charge the batteries every sol.

The mission of InSight was expected to end between late October of this year and January 2023

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