Habitability in ocean of Saturn's moon 

The search for extraterrestrial life has just gotten more exciting, thanks to a group of scientists led by Southwest Research Institute.

Dr. Christopher Glein revealed new evidence for a vital building component for life in Saturn's moon Enceladus' subsurface ocean.

"Enceladus is a key target in humanity's search for life in our solar system," Glein added.

"In the years since NASA's Cassini spacecraft last visited Saturn,

The Cassini mission detected and examined samples of Enceladus' underlying liquid water as plumes of ice grains and water vapour erupted into space from fractures in the moon's icy surface.

We discovered that the plume contains practically all of the basic necessities of life as we know it "Glein stated.

One of the most significant discoveries in planetary science in the last 25 years is that worlds with seas beneath an ice surface layer are abundant in our solar system.

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