Eruption of  Stromboli volcano space

The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission from Europe passed above the volcano shortly after the eruption began.

Sentinel-2, Europe's Copernicus Earth-observing project, obtained a stunning image of Italy's Stromboli volcano shortly after it erupted early on Oct. 

The true-color photograph depicts lava spilling into the sea and massive plumes of smoke and ash towering above the volcano.

According to a statement(opens in new tab) from the European Space Agency, the eruption caused a partial collapse of the volcano's crater terrace (ESA)

Because of the ongoing "state of heightened volcanic imbalance," civil protection authorities have issued an orange alert.

The Stromboli volcano and its eponymous island are located in southern Italy, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, close off the northern tip of the island of Sicily.

The island has about 300 full-time residents, the most of whom live in the village of Ginostra, which is depicted on the satellite map.

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