Detail view of Jupiter icy moon Europa

The image's landscape is only lighted by Jupiter's night glow.

The ice-covered, ocean-bearing moon Europa was taken in its most detailed photograph yet by NASA's Jupiter-exploring Juno mission.

The image, captured during Juno's close flyby of the mystery moon last week, shows a frozen surface crisscrossed with ridges and grooves.

The photograph, which portrays a 93-mile-long (150-kilometer-wide) area, also shows a weird dip shaped like a musical quarter.

Juno captured the image on September 29 during its closest ever approach of Europa.

The photographs provide scientists with the most precise views of Europa's surface since the Galileo probe's 2000 flyby.

Juno captured the image with its Stellar Reference Unit (SRU) camera, which is used to help Juno maintain its orientation by determining the spacecraft's position.

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