DDR5 &FuryBest RGB DDR4 Special Edition

Kingston has launched new DDR5 memory with CL32 timings and speeds up to 6,400MT/s. Tasty.

Available in 16GB single modules or 32GB (2x16GB) kits with or without RGB lighting

The RGBs are controlled by Kingston's CTRL software, which offers 16 customizable RGB lighting effects.

These kits are built "with premium components hand-tuned by engineers," according to Kingston.

Two more profiles can be customised with different timings, speeds, and voltages before being saved straight to the DIMM.

Finally, because they are DDR5, they have on-die ECC for increased reliability and an on-board PMIC for power balancing.

Fury Beast RGB DDR4 will be available in 8GB or 16GB single modules, as well as 16GB (2x8GB) or 32GB (2x16GB) kits, to commemorate the brand's 35th anniversary.

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