Asteroid mission spot Jupiter& it moons

To test the autonomous navigation system, NASA's asteroid-smashing DART mission photographed Jupiter and its four largest moons.

The image, released by NASA on Tuesday (Sept. 20), was actually shot over the summer, when DART was around 16 million miles away.

DART operators utilised Jupiter and its four Galilean moons to test how close things appear to the DRACO camera.

The researchers was especially interested in Jupiter's moon Europa, which is the closest moon to Jupiter in the image on the planet's right.

Dimorphos, a tiny asteroid orbiting the larger Didymos, will split.

"The Jupiter experiments allowed DRACO to picture something in our own solar system."

The team looked at the intensity of the items as well as the number of pixels each thing took up in the image as it moved across the field of view.

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