According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, two nurses on Long Island are accused of raising more than $1.5 million by selling counterfeit Covid-19 vaccination cards.

The nurses, Julie DeVuono, owner of Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, and Marissa Urraro, her employee, sold fake vaccination cards and entered false information into the New York vaccination database, prosecutors said. They charged $220 for counterfeit cards for adults and $85 for children, according to the district attorney’s office.

Ms. DeVuono, 49, and Ms. Urraro, 44, were arraigned on Friday, each charged with one count of second-degree forgery. Ms. DeVuono was also charged with one count of offering a false instrument for her presentation. Michael Alber, Ms. Urraro’s attorney, said that she pleaded not guilty and that she was released without bail.

They allegedly forged official cards to indicate that an undercover detective was given a vaccine on one or more occasions even though they never received the injection. DeVuono and Urraro are also accused of feeding false information into the

They charged $220 for adults and $85 for children for the fake vaccination cards, prosecutors said. New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS) database.

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