In a terrifying incident, a girl was trapped in a building that caught fire. The incident took place in Moscow, Russia, when two women rescued the girl from the ninth floor of the burning building in the Chertanovo district of the capital.

The incident reportedly happened on January 29, and a video of the brave rescue was posted on Reddit. The clip shows the two men carefully pulling the girl out of the ninth-floor window to safety.

According to the Russian news website Red blood cells, both men were injured: one had a burn on his hand and the other had cuts and glass shards in the wound. Both men were reportedly hospitalized after the incident.

The rescue video has been voted on more than 95,000 times. People took to the comments section to praise the two brave men for their dedication to saving the girl.

According to a press release from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, “In the course of reconnaissance and extinguishing the fire, fire and rescue units rescued 12 people from the burning floors and above, including 1 child. The rescued are examined by doctors.”

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