In 2004, the 32-year-old Londoner decided to sell everything he owned, including his house and clothes, to bet £76,840 (US$135,300) on red at the Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.

The incredible event was filmed by Sky One for a reality show called Double or nothingwith viewers helping Revell make his decision on whether to go with red or black.

Speaking to CNN about what was going through his head when it happened, he said: “It was just… begging me to choose[ed] and that it would come in red.

“Before I went up to the wheel, I was thinking about turning it black, and then all of a sudden the guy was spinning the ball and all the viewers on Sky said… [had] I voted that I should put it in red.

“So all of a sudden I put it all in the red.”

It was a bold move and it paid off because Revell doubled his money to £153,680 ($270,600).

He continued, “I was just begging her to come in and get lucky this time.

“What I was really worried about was that I would lose and my parents would be upset and my family, you know, all my friends would be upset.

“So obviously he was so happy when he arrived.”

The incredible feat was seen around the world and was even the inspiration for another reality show: red or black.

15 years after his big win, Revell returned to Las Vegas where the Plaza commemorated the victory and its new single zero roulette table with a free promotional chip for players. Revell even made a ceremonial bet, although this time the stakes weren’t that high.

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