According to a new report, Spider-Man: No Way Home will get a major Oscar campaign ahead of this year’s awards show.

After months of anticipation and speculation, Spider-Man: No Way Home finally released in theaters last week, bringing Tom Holland Homecoming trilogy to the end. While it remains to be seen what the future holds for the web-slinger (and if Holland will be involved), no way home is proving to be a huge success.

The last Spiderman The entry currently holds a franchise high for the Rotten Tomatoes audience score, at a lofty 99%.

no way home it is also currently sitting at a critical rating of 94% on the site, placing it ahead of the acclaimed 2004 spider man 2 and behind only 2018 Spiderman: in the spiderverse. In addition to overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, the film has proven to be a box office sensation, now ranking number two for the biggest domestic box office opening weekends of all time, second only to Avengers: Endgame.

A new report from THR reveals that, with the film’s positive reception, the team behind Spider-Man: No Way Home will campaign strongly this year for Oscar recognition.

no way home is already on the shortlist for Best VFX.

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