The final episode of the sixth and final season of BBC One’s Peaky Blinders is confirmed to be released as a feature-length episode.

In a recent conversation with the RadioTimes, director Anthony Byrne said that the final running time will be 81 minutes and also teased that fans will have a very different expectation of the ending.

“It’s a great Peaky thing to do for the last hurray. It’s the 10:22 news for one night only. It feels very, very different than the rest of the season. It feels very, very different to anything we’ve done before. It has a very epic range. It feels like a movie, it’s kind of a test for the feature film.”

Ahead of the season finale, the show’s creator Steven Knight recently divulged how the new characters introduced in the sixth and final season would set up the events for the film. IN another interview with NME, Knight commented on the sixth season and the feature film saying, “I see this as the end of the beginning rather than the beginning of the end.”

The sixth season arrives on Netflix this June.

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