Netflix is ​​working on a movie based on the BioShock video game franchise, the streaming giant said on Tuesday.

The film, in association with 2K and Take-Two Interactive, will be based on the popular dystopian video game franchise that includes BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite.

The sci-fi horror video game was originally released in 2007 by 2K Games, a subsidiary of video game producer Take-Two Interactive. The franchise proved extremely popular with gamers, selling more than 39 million copies worldwide across multiple editions and re-releases, according to Netflix.

The streaming giant has partnered with Interactive Take-Twothe game’s parent company, to develop a potential cinematic universe. dizzying entertainment Y Take two They will serve as producers.

“We all make decisions, but in the end our decisions make us,” the company wrote on Twitter. “Netflix + BioShock. Would you be so kind as to stay tuned?”

At the moment, there is no writer or filmmaker on board. The collaboration agreement has been in force for almost a year.

the ‘bioshock’ franchise, which for many years as a benchmark in video games -mainly in the first person shooter genre-, will reach the world of cinema.

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