The driver of the Mini One was born in 1938 and told officers he had been driving without a license or insurance since he was 12 years old.

Not only was it once a 12 year old boy driving, obviously without a license, but they continued to do so until yesterday.

The math geeks among you may have noticed that the guy is now going to be around 84 years old and has been driving without a license or insurance for 72 years.

Perhaps even more remarkable, he said that he had never been pulled over by the police and had never been in an accident.

In a Facebook post, Bulwell, Rise Park and Highbury Vale Police said: “The City North OP [Operation] Reacher’s team went on proactive patrols in Sherwood and Carrington tonight, but an early investigation by The Bearded Boss in Bulwell found him stopping this Mini One alongside Tesco Extra.

“We can’t believe what happened next, as the driver, who was born in 1938 (!!), coughed up that he had been driving without a license and without insurance since he was 12 (yes, TWELVE)… he had arranged so that the police never stopped him. (We’ll let you do the math!!)”

The post continued, “Fortunately, he never had an accident, caused anyone any injuries, and never caused anyone to lose financially, by hitting them with no insurance!

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