The sequel to The Clown Prince of Crime could enter development next year. Ever since the immense success of Todd Phillips’ Joker in 2019, there have been rumors that the supervillain’s origin story is getting its own sequel.

These rumors persist, and the latest news from the rumor mill is that the sequel just took a big step forward with a tentative start date.

According to Heroic Hollywood, a Warner Bros. insider has revealed that the studio has just received the first draft of the script for Joker 2. Also, there are plans to start filming sometime in 2023. Without any official confirmation, it’s better Take these rumors with a grain of salt at this point.

There’s no word on what the script might entail, though we can guess it will most likely bring back Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck.

Joker was directed by Todd Phillips and written by Phillips and Scott Silver. It serves as an origin story for the Joker and how a failed clown and comedian ends up becoming Gotham City’s most cowardly villain.

The outspoken sequel has left fans debating whether a sequel is really needed, but due to the film’s incredible financial success, including over a billion dollars in box office gross, Warner Bros. has been working hard to make Phillips and Phoenix come back on board for a follow-up movie.

Joaquin Phoenix has teased a possible return to Joker.

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