Renowned Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam and his friend were assaulted during their three-day concert in Chembur, Mumbai on Monday.

The attack occurred in a controversy over taking selfies with singer ANI, the Indian news agency reported. Sonu Nigam’s friend has been injured and hospitalized, while Sonu is doing well and has registered a case against the attacker.

The Times of India newspaper reported that the son of an Indian politician attacked Sonu Nagum on Monday, in which one of the singer’s security guards and his friend were thrown from the stage. Rabbani Khan, son of Ghulam Mustafa Khan, the famous Indian classical singer, was also thrown from the stage, suffering injuries.

The accused attacker, Swapneel Faterpekar, was angry that he was not allowed to take a selfie with the famous Indian singer. Swapnil Faterpekar is the son of Prakash Fatarpekar, the people’s representative in the Indian parliament.

The festival takes place in Chembur over three days. Sonu was there for a music concert. It is also reported that Sonu was shocked after the incident and asked law enforcement to punish the attacker in order to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Following the incident, some Indian artists and singers have described the attack as a total disrespect to the Bollywood industry and have expressed deep anger over the matter.

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