In previous Ice Age movies, the beloved saber-toothed squirrel struggled to hold on to his beloved food treasure, never failing to cause catastrophic events. However, the animation studio Blue Sky Studios eventually allowed Scrat to fulfill her wish.

In the final days of Blue Sky Studios, the legendary animation studio decided to create one final short film featuring Scrat, the prehistoric squirrel from the Ice Age franchise. The 30-second film serves as an official farewell to the team at Blue Sky Studios, which Disney shuttered two years after the company acquired the assets of 21st Century Fox in 2019.

The video begins with an acorn on snowy fields. Soon, Scrat enters the frame and quickly runs to the acorn. Scrat looks around him warily with his prize in his hands, afraid of what might prevent him from eating the acorn. Fortunately for him, for the first time since Scrat was introduced to the world in 2002, Ice Agethe squirrel is happy to chew on his acorn.

by all the Ice Age franchise, Scrat was always featured as comic relief as the animators came up with the weirdest ways to keep the squirrel from having a nice meal. We’ve seen Scrat get pummeled by angry animals, buried in an avalanche, and even run from lava from an erupting volcano. Watching the squirrel suffer in its eternal struggle to get a single acorn was fun, and each delivery of the Ice Age The franchise tried to come up with new ways to torment the furry hero.

So it feels good that the team at Blue Sky Studios gave their official mascot his well-deserved trophy before the curtain closes forever. Scrat got the happy ending from him, although Blue Sky Studios is no longer around to make us laugh.

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