Disney Plus will increase its prices in the US in December by launching a new ad-supported tier of its streaming service, the company said Wednesday. Hulu prices are also going up.

Currently in the US, the Disney Plus ad-free subscription costs $8 per month. Starting December 8, the ad-free subscription will go up from $3 a month to $11. Simultaneously, the new ad-based membership will launch at $8 per month, the same price Disney Plus subscribers are now paying to view ads for free.

Annual memberships are also going up in price, though they still offer a discount on monthly plans.

As for Hulu, the streaming service alone costs $7 a month with ads and $13 a month without ads. Starting October 10, it will increase to $8/month with ads and $15/month without.

Disney will also add a new $10-a-month combo plan that combines Disney Plus and Hulu, both with ads, but without ESPN Plus. Disney has released tables detailing all of the new fees.

Disney has been hinting for months that it might raise prices later this year, with CEO Bob Chapek twice suggesting that the ad-free level’s launch could coincide with price increases.

The December increase will be the second for Disney Plus since it launched in late 2019. In March 2021, the service raised the price from $7 a month to its current level of $8.

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