Apple’s CODA movie won the Academy Award for best picture on Sunday, beating mighty Netflix to become the first streaming service to win Hollywood’s most coveted movie award.

Netflix was also nominated in the category for its movie The Power of the Dog, with the two streaming services considered top contenders in the category ahead of Sunday’s award ceremony.

Apple’s hit is sure to give the fledgling streaming service a boost among would-be subscribers, even as competition between Apple TV Plus, Netflix and their rivals becomes fiercer than ever. Over the past three years, multiple corporations have poured billions of dollars into launching new services in hopes of taking on Netflix to shape the future of television.

For people like you, that has meant a mess of services to sort through and pay for as you discover where you want to watch movies and shows online.

Apple’s Oscar win on Sunday will raise its profile among a slice of potential subscribers; it may bring some fallen members back into the fold, and it’s sure to make Apple TV Plus a more enticing home for top talent.

But being first to an elusive award isn’t necessarily a transformative event for streaming services.

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