Andrew Tate has now been banned from five social platforms: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube. And the creator has apparently destroyed his own Twitch channel hours later.

This week has been a rough one for controversial internet personality Andrew Tate, who has been banned from several of the biggest social media platforms. This follows an unprecedented rise in Tate’s popularity as he shared his thoughts on shows and broadcasts belonging to the internet’s biggest creators.

It started with Meta banning him from Facebook and Instagram (where he had over 14 million followers). He was later banned from using TikTok and the platform cracked down on videos and accounts featuring the controversial shots of Tate.

And with these bans, all Tate had left was Twitch, YouTube, and Hustler University. But those who claim Tate is a toxic influence on young men due to his “misogynistic” views called for the influencer to be banned from remaining platforms.

On Monday, August 22, Andrew Tate’s YouTube channels, TateSpeech and Tateconfidential, would be removed from the platform.

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