Today, June 14 (Jawza 24), marks the 43rd anniversary of the death of Ahmad Zahir, the golden-throated vocalist from Afghanistan.

Ahmad Zahir, the legendary Afghan singer, died 43 years ago today, yet he is still remembered by his fans and admirers as the “King of Hearts”.

He was born in Laghman province on June 14, 1946. He started singing in school and became known as the “Habibia High School Nightingale” after singing the song Ay Bulbul Khush Elhan.

Ahmad Zahir has two children from his three marriages, one named Shabnam and the other named Ahmad Rashad, both living in the United States.

On June 14, 1979, this well-known Afghan singer was killed in a traffic accident in the Salang area of ​​Parwan province.

However, according to his relatives, in particular Samad Dardar, Ahmad Zahir was shot dead by unknown assailants on his way to a concert in the northern provinces.

Ahmad Zahir has left a series of songs and artistic works that many fans still listen to.

Some of his young fans say that Ahmad Zahir created songs based on the preferences of children, young and old.

Ahmad’s audience, according to them, ranges from lovers to supporters of the motherland, patriots and Sufis.

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