In an unusual sight, a Saudi prince is alleged to have bought airliner tickets for his 80 falcons, according to media reports.

An image posted on Reddit has gone viral showing a flock of blindfolded falcons sitting on a plane around the cabin between
passengers, each bird apparently strapped securely to the seats.

Reddit user lensoo posted it online, writing: “My friend captain sent me this photo. The Saudi prince bought a ticket for the 80 falcons from him,” the Khaleej Times reported.

The transport of falcons, the national bird of the United Arab Emirates, is not an uncommon practice in the Middle East.

Falcons can get their own forest green passports to fly in the United Arab Emirates. That passport allows them to travel to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco and Syria.

The Qatar Airways website also states that a maximum of six falcons can be taken in economy class.

A Flydubai spokesman said the falcons must have their own seat, with a cloth under it to prevent accidents.

Etihad Airways also allows falcons on board.

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