A pivotal moment in Spider-Man history sketched out on a single Marvel comic page just became the most expensive comic book page ever sold at auction.

The page, which shows the first time Spider-Man dons the infamous all-black suit, fetched $3.36 million at auction earlier this week, making it the “world’s most valuable page of original comic book illustrations.” , according to Heritage Auctions.

Another page of the same comic sold for $288,000. Together, the two pages of Spider-Man history sold for $3,648,000, Heritage Auctions said.

“Today’s results prove what we’ve been saying for a long time: comic book art is as loved and valuable as anything put on a canvas,” said Joe Mannarino, who heads Heritage’s comics and comic art department. Auctions in New York, in a statement.

The auction house didn’t reveal the winning bidder, but whoever it was clearly knew their Spider-Man history. The pages come from Marvel’s “Secret Wars” crossover series, in which beloved heroes squared off against classic villains on a planet called Battleworld. In the eighth installment of the limited series, published in 1984.

The movie version of Spidey also found his way into the black suit, though the merger garnered decidedly mixed reviews.

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